my very own textiles, ceramics and home decor (oh, and children's clothing too)

I grew up talking about balances of color and form. I never grew out of it and have finally found the time - covid time - to sit down and put my own visions to a set. Colors and dots brought together to make your home a more fulfilling space. Enjoy a piece of art as your pillow or include a wall fabric to your everyday parameters.  I hope you like this collection. It was made during a scary time, but I tried to find the happy in patterns. 

Garden of Art 


All things trending on Facebook! 

I manage this gallery page with daily postings of art, photography, textiles, and sculptures. It’s a popular site that operates without a sponsor or paying advertising fees. Let me start and manage a Facebook page to creatively showcase your products or organization.


Translating passion into product photography. 

Here is an example of staging the sets and conducting my own professional digital photography
for Totally Hip Home Decor · Home Goods Store