I am a German-American who has spent nearly equal time in Europe and the United States. Through adapting to new countries (and places within countries), I’ve developed a strong sense of intuition. This sense is a great asset in designing promotions for a targeted audience. 

My career launched at Young & Rubicam in London. In succession, I created designs in San Francisco for political campaigns; ; Chicago for Houghton Mifflin Company and Encyclopaedia Britannica Publishing; Santa Barbara/Los Angeles specializing in museum/fine art websites and concert promotions; and the East Coast for fashion retail and startups. Currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, I make several trips to the US yearly.  


Make it simple.

Make it memorable.

Make it inviting to look at.

Make it fun to read.  - Leo Burnett

I am open and flexible with clients and know how important it is to find common ground to ensure success. I will talk with you and revise the project until you are happy and will manage it at your pace. I am open to taking the whole project and running with it or taking it slowly, bit by bit — whatever makes you comfortable. Working with a client is a collaboration that can only be built on trust.  


The bottom line is that each project is unique: No two are ever alike nor should they be. Your brand, product, service or organization must be projected to your audience in a way that expresses exactly what you want to say in a streamlined and meaningful way with the most impact.

Sabine Myers


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Göteborg, Sweden